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The world that we are currently living in is undergoing rapid changes, and new technologies which were just fantasies have made their way into our lives. The era of computers started less than eighty years ago, and currently, almost every other family out there has multiple devices with processors that are much faster than the first multi-stage computing machines. These devices are linked creating global and local networks and showcasing unbelievable abilities of data collection and processing, reaching earlier inaccessible comfort levels for users.

Yuri Manin in 1980, suggested the idea of quantum computers and the first model had been worked out by Richard Feynman in 1981. By the beginning of the 21st century, the software industry was ready for quantum computer implementation. Programming languages for the first programs were developed, portraying the unbelievable abilities of quantum computers. At the beginning of 2001, the quantum computer performed the Shor’s a logarithm, and this announced the quantum era.

How quantum computers affect the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry.

  1. A single quantum computer of potentially huge capacity, connected to the blockchain can be able to carry out 51% attack successfully. The computer’s operator takes control of the blockchain and may prevent new transactions from attaining confirmation inside a particular blockchain.
  2. Conventional encryption a logarithm is vulnerable to quantum computing. As a result, encryption methods authorized by states and used in cryptocurrency, crypto wallets, and cryptocurrency exchange algorithms are prone to be cracked by quantum computers. Assets from these wallets could be transferred to whichever destination the quantum computer operator wishes.

The first quantum computer will connect to a cryptocurrency exchange in the near future, and the crypto world needs to be protected from the threats that I have mentioned above. Worry not though crypto enthusiasts, I present to you, QUUBE!


This my friends is a project whose main objective is to create a new quantum-resistant ecosystem that is focused on the security token market, high speed, super protected and safe trading space, and communication channels as well.

The team’s response to the 51% attack threat is the launching of quantum blockchain which is kept on quantum computers thus almost eliminating the risk of 51% attack. In regards to the second threat of encryption algorithms attacks, the quantum blockchain is equipped with methods that are stable to quantum computing and even post-quantum encryption methods.

The QUUBE team has worked out software for cryptocurrencies exchanges and crypto wallets which operates with the blockchain recording trading logs and balances. You might ask yourself why to invest in QUUBE, well, the highly professional team has succeeded to implement the first quantum-safe ecosystem and security token launchpad with the exchange platform enabling STO/ICO projects to fundraise expeditiously amongst accredited and non-accredited investors.


STO projects can use an automated Launchpad at the QUUBE exchange platform to generate security tokens which are ERC-20 compliant and acquire an instant listing or structure STO from scratch with the QUUBE alliance. Security has always been a scarce resource in the world of digital data.

Quantum computers are bound to cause havoc and bring major disbalance to the cryptocurrency realm in just a matter of time. It’s imperative that you take control of your digital wallets today by joining the QUUBE project movement.


  • 2014: Development of an exclusive trading terminal
  • 2015: Development of the C-Sharp Trading System and Match Engine
  • 2016: Development of the Crypto Exchange terminal
  • 2017: PRO Trading Platform
  • 2018 Q: Quantum Technology — Implementation of the QKD System
  • 2018 Q2: QUUBE RELATIONS Foundation
  • 2019 Q2: Presentation of Quantum & Roadshow Exchanges
  • 2019 Q3: Development of a quantchain-resistant blockchain ERC20 launching
  • 2019 Q2–3: QUUBE Exchange STO Launchpad
  • 2019 Q4: QUUBE Exchange STO / IEO Services Start
  • 2020 Q2: Presentation of the Quantum Resistant Blockchain Protocol, Swap Tokens
  • 2020 Q3: QUUBE PRO STO Trading & AI Terminals


Name Team QUUBE

  • Jonathan Austin Quube President
  • CEO of ENZO
  • Anthony HK LAI, CA CFO
  • Jonathan Zhang Education Program
  • STO Advisor Malcolm Tan
  • Rennie Blockchain Community Sng
  • Kevin Pang CBDO Asia
  • Pshenin Dmitry CBDO
  • Andrey Zienko CTO
  • Brand Manager Rudolph Goldenberg
  • Contact sevil directly

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