Green Climate World

Green Climate World , which means a green and clean world , is a project that is planned to be implemented to purify our world from unnecessary garbage and to increase the quality of life of all living things.

This project, which aims to burn and destroy the unnecessary garbage in our world by establishing a garbage disposal center, will save enough oxygen to the world in order to balance and neutralize the amount of CO2 that occurs during combustion and plant trees.

Thanks to the smart automatic sensors in the disposal centers, it will make all measurements correctly and measure how much CO2 is emitted to the environment during incineration. Then, tree planting will be carried out based on more than the measured amount, so that both garbage disposal will be carried out and the air will not be damaged.

Green Climate World, which plans to get help from its users while doing this, continues its function with the passwords Green Climate and Green World . Green Climate World, which will follow its users at any time and examine their every move thanks to its mobile application, will be able to see how many trees the users have planted thanks to the smart sensors in the application.

Users who will be rewarded with WGC tokens per tree planting will be able to convert the given WGC Tokens into money on various platforms and use them as they wish. In this way, this project, which aims to both earn coins and benefit nature, has already reached a large number of users.

Once the token is created and established the whole process will be quite simple.The idea is that part of the value of the token will be put toward planting trees.There are two ways through which this can be accomplished. The first one we locate, facilitate and fund the whole process or we start a cooperation with a non-profit organization whose main goal is planting trees. By cooperating with an already existing non-profit organization the whole process will be much simpler and we believe there will be a bigger impact. Once defined the planting areas the users will be able to choose where trees will
be planted as a result of their purchase.


Token Name — Green Climate World
Token Ticker — WGC
Total Supply — 1,000,000,000
Network- Binance Smart Chain

In order to reach the goal, a small percent of the value of the WGC token and put toward planting trees.

Utility of WGC Token

• Function as a currency,
• A share in the company
• Points in a loyalty program
• Proof of ownership
• Used for Rewards


Summing up a certain result of his article, I would like to note the high experience of the founders of this project, who know firsthand how to properly (green way). Having a clear, global and structured plan for the implementation of all their ideas. Personally, I like such projects that use for the benefit of all existing technologies of modern society, the introduction of which will improve not only the quality of our lives, but also the state of our entire environment.Our main goal is recording atmospheric data to our blockchain and planting trees.
In order to reach our goal we will take a small percent of the value of the the WGC token and put it toward planting trees.

Of course, the presentation of the material on the basis of which I tried to briefly write my review, is much wider and deeper in the disclosure of many

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BTT profile :;u=2744329
WGC Wallet : 0x2897FF6581111062bb97F68b6418b1D81f74Ce50



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